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The Medicaid Eligibility Specialists The Medicaid Eligibility Specialists The Medicaid Eligibility Specialists

Our success is directly related to our experience

About Us

Learn how HCE can improve your profitability by
obtaining eligibilityóespecially with the most
difficult cases

Headquartered in Manhattan, with offices in Nassau and Westchester counties

HCE LLC provides Medicaid eligibility services to the New York metropolitan area and lower Hudson Valley. The firmís clients range from independent health care providers to major medical systems. HCE maintains a consistent reputation for superior results and client-focused services, and has done so for the past seventy years.

HCE is focused exclusively on Medicaid eligibility services. The firmís knowledge of and experience with the intricacies of the New York Medicaid system is unmatched. HCE professionals have dedicated their careers to Medicaid eligibility, with most having at least ten years of experience in the field. This depth of knowledge and expertise results in superior return of Medicaid dollars to our clientele.

HCE LLC has expanded into opening a new source of additional revenue for hospitals through the federal grant program, Section 1011 that provides reimbursement for uncompensated ED care for undocumented aliens.

Why Use HCE

HCE maintains a consistent client base within the New York Metropolitan area with many of the firmís clients utilizing our services for ten or more years. Several clients utilize HCE exclusively for PMP (Potential Medicaid Patient) needs. HCE has been ranked among the top agencies in New York, and this is especially true in its long-standing reputation regarding quality service when providers utilize one or more firms for PMP services. In most cases, HCE is ranked as the top agency for returns. The firmís ability to outperform other agencies is directly related to the knowledge and dedication of each HCE professional.

With HCEís specialization in one product line and focus on one geographic area, each client is vitally important. HCE is a refreshing change from the large collection agencies that have lost the ability to provide quality and client-focused service.

The most compelling reason to utilize HCE is the consistent high rate of return. In the current health care environment, every Medicaid dollar is critical to financial success. HCE will improve a providerís profitability by obtaining eligibility, especially with the most difficult cases. The loyalty of our clientele is testimony to the exceptional returns received and the responsive service that we provide.



HCE's success is directly related to the knowledge, dedication and expertise of our managers and staff.


Senior management at HCE has an average of 20 years of experience in Medicaid eligibility. Medicaid analysts and field representatives have an average of 18 years of experience with an average tenure in the firm of 10 years. This experience is supplemented with an extensive internal training program.







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